Marketing Assistant

General Qualification Requirements:

Experience & Training:

1. Should have at least 2 years work experience in advertising, multimedia arts or any media related industry.


1. Graduate of a 4-year course preferably on Bachelor of Communication Arts major in Advertising, Multimedia Arts or any communications course from reputable College or University.

Knowledge, Skills & Attitude:

1. Knowledgeable of creative suite programs (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, In Design) or equivalent.

2. Must be tech savy.

3. Must have a basic background on Photography.

4. With good oral and written communication skills.

5. Must have PR and communicates well with others.

6. Should possess qualities such as friendliness, sociable & resourcefulness.

7. Should be creative and forward thinker.

8. Should be able to adapt to multitasking environment.

9. Should be a team player and possess good and coordination skills.