Best Places for Wine: Wine not?

Best Places for Wine Wine not

Where are the best places to enjoy wine in the South?

  1. Barcino
  2. Ralph’s Wine and Spirits
  3. The Black Pig
  4. The Nest Alabang
  5. Rue Bourbon
  6. Petit Bistro


There are many bars and hotels in Alabang. Sharing wine with your loved ones is a great way to start the weekend, from Barcino to The Nest in Alabang. Wine bars not only serve good wine but also a plethora of good food to try. Wine lovers are not limited to cheese but also to cold cuts and steak. Some bars serve delicious house blended wines to try out. Remember to stop and smell the rose’ before taking a sip. Get together and enjoy a glass of wine because grape minds think alike. The perfect wine for you is wine in a million. The wine bars that are on this list are compiled based on what’s heard on the grapevine.

This grape-based drink is not only good for pairing with food but also because of the health benefits it contains. It starts off with water, alcohol, various aromatic compounds, acids, and tannins. The sugar needed to ferment the wine into alcohol is found on the skin of the grape. The yeast eats the sugar provided by the grape and produces alcohol. Acid is a naturally occurring component in fruit. Combined with the additives and tannins, wine is created.




Barcino first opened their bar at Ortigas in 2006. This bar offers a wide selection of wine sourced from all over the world. Their branch in the South is located in Alabang Town Center. It’s a fact that their wines are also sold in various hotels and fine dining restaurants around the Metro Manila locale. Barcino aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Spanish cuisine. The delicious selection of tapas and other Spanish cuisine is popular amongst the Barcino patrons to pair with their wines. They were awarded with the best wine list and the best restaurant by the Philippine Tatler.


Ralph’s Wine and Spirit

Liquor might not solve all your problems but it’s worth a shot. The location of Ralph’s Wine and Spirit is located at Molito, for the tired and stressed out Tito. Ralph’s serves wines from France, Spain, Chile, and more. Ralph’s can also deliver your favorite liquor to your doorstep.


The Black Pig

The Black Pig

The Black Pig consists of a European inspired menu. Enjoy the taste of cured meats along with your favorite liquor and wine. Chef Carlos Garcia is the master chef behind The Black Pig, who previously worked for a Michelin Star French restaurant, the Gauthier Soho in London. Chef Garcia now shares his skills in Commerce Center. Expect a unique burst of flavor and a Michelin Star restaurant experience at the South.


The Nest Alabang

Dining in the sky used to be just a play at words but Vivere took it up a notch at their rooftop bar and restaurant, The Nest. The service from the staff are world class; the ambiance of this wonderful hotel in Alabang can be felt from the warm smiles of everyone around. The Nest takes a step beyond the norm to deliver mouthwatering food and fine wine. The Nest is perfect for a romantic dinner experience for anniversaries or a special date.


Rue Bourbon

Rue Bourbon

In 2009, Rue Bourbon was an ordinary after work bar. The famous establishment aims to bring the Mardi Gras culture from New Orleans. Aside from the wines served at Rue Bourbon, the Caramel Beer is also a popular choice for young professionals and college students. This bar is also a good spot to meet and interact with new people. The music and ambiance are relaxed and inviting unlike heart pumping bars that encourage the use of loud, obnoxious music. Rue Bourbon is located in Paranaque City, Aguirre Avenue.


Petit Bistro

Petit Bistro is a casual wine and dine experience located in Festival Mall. The French dishes served are infused with Asian influences, offering a unique taste. The aim of the restaurant is to encourage French dining culture by eating slow and enjoying wine. It has a relaxing environment where families can share intimate moments together. Petit Bistro also offers unlimited beer or wine promos depending on the day. Petit Bistro also offers lunch promos that are affordable and at the same time delicious. The main course meals aim to be healthy with the organic and fresh ingredients used.


Key Takeaway

If you’re planning to go bar hopping, be sure to book a room in one of the hotels in Alabang. Try out The Nest Alabang for a unique and romantic experience. If you have no time to explore the world, taste the wine collection of Barcino. Have a sip at Ralph’s in Molito while meeting up with friends or potential business partners. If you’re craving for a burst of flavor, check out The Black Pig for a European inspired experience. Feel the Mardi Gras culture and stop by Rue Bourbon to feel the authentic southern style experience after a long day. Taste the French kiss of Petit Bistro with great night time promos and entertainment.

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