Exciting Activities You Can Do with the Squad on a Long Weekend

Exciting Activities You Can Do with the Squad on a Long Weekend

Nothing really beats a weekend out with friends, especially during a LONG weekend! Hotels in Alabang are more than happy to accommodate anyone looking to relax on a long weekend—but when it comes to hanging out with your friends, or your ‘squad’ rather, there are more fun things to do besides staying in any hotel in Alabang! That being said, the South is definitely your best bet!

If you live in the Philippines, or if you happen to visit the country for the first time, the South of Luzon can be one of the best locations for you and your friends to hang out in! The South can really bring in the excitement for you and your squad—and if you’re looking for some fun long weekend ideas to do with your squad, here are some of the best ideas for exciting activities you can do with your squad on a long weekend:



Explore the cold of tagaytay

Explore the Cold of Tagaytay

One of the best locations around the South is none other than Tagaytay, a place known for the cold and for one of being the best places in the country to have coffee with your friends! If you and your friends fancy a good cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate for that matter, then Tagaytay can be a great place to go for the long weekend!

Of course, there are other things to do in Tagaytay, such as driving around and explore the scenery, maybe hang out in places where you can get a great of the famous Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, and of course, spend the night in its various hotels. Either way, you can never go wrong with Tagaytay on a long weekend!



Food Tripping in BF Homes Paranaque City

Food Tripping in BF Homes, Paranaque City

Another great idea that one can do with their squad during the long weekend is to eat all the food you want! Literally, nothing can stop you during the long weekend—and with your squad in tow, that makes you even more unstoppable!

BF Homes, Paranaque is one of the most famous locations around the South, especially when it comes to food! Various restaurants of different themes can be found around the streets of this famous subdivision, all of which guaranteed to satisfy the hunger of the wandering foodie traveler and their legion of traveling companions! In this case, don’t hesitate to take your friends along and eat as much as you want! Just remember to bring a lot of cash though.



Go to the Beach in Batangas

Go to the Beach in Batangas

Exploring the south would not be complete without a trip to the beach—and when it comes to the beach, there is no better place in the south than Batangas!

Batangas is one of the cities around the South that can guarantee a good time for the long weekend! Many resorts such as Pico de Loro, Aquatico, and others of the sort would be more than happy to accommodate you and your squad for the long weekend, making your stay even more memorable! Bring a lot of extra clothes and sunscreen and you’ll be good to go!



Enjoy Being One with Nature in laguna

Enjoy Being One with Nature in Laguna

Another thing that makes the South a great location to hang out in for the long weekend is to be one with nature—and when it comes to being one with nature, no location in the South is better than Laguna! Laguna is one of the best locations around the South that is abundant with nature, making it great for those who are looking for a great photo to take! Plus, there are also instances where you and your squad can watch a movie under the stars at night, which can be provided by one of Laguna’s premier location, Nuvali. Either way, Laguna can be a really great location around the South to hang out in.



Hang Out in Alabang Town Center

Hang Out in Alabang Town Center

If you and your squad are the types to hang around locations near the South, Alabang Town Center is a great place for the squad to hang out in! This mall is a great place around the south that comes equipped with numerous establishments in its stead, as well as being one of the most convenient locations since it’s near numerous hotels in Alabang.

There are more reasons you can consider when it comes to hanging out in Alabang Town Center, or rather ‘ATC’—and when it comes to you and your squad enjoying the long weekend, you can pretty much do anything in this location of the South!



Paddleboarding in Bohol

Paddleboarding in Bohol

Since the beach has been established to be one of the best locations around the South for the long weekend, why not take a plane and travel down further? In this case, Bohol is one of the best ideas of places to hang out in for the long weekend—and when it comes to one of the best activities to do in Bohol, paddleboarding can be a really good one for you and your squad to enjoy!

All you’ll need to do for this activity is to maintain a strong sense of physical balance while paddling on water and, before you know it, you’ll be having the time of your life! Plus, it makes for great selfie and photo moments!



Bar-hopping in muntinlupa

Bar-Hopping in Muntinlupa

Of course, it wouldn’t be ‘cheers to the weekend’ without some drinks in the mix! Muntinlupa is one of the best places around the South to go bar-hopping with your squad as not only does it boast a number of bars in its stead, it also extends to numerous well-known locations in the South, namely Alabang and Laguna. Speaking of the former, Muntinlupa is actually home base for hotels in Alabang, which can be good for your squad after a night of extreme fun, tomfoolery, and pretty much any other drunken mistake you can think of.



Another food trip in cavite

Another Food Trip in Cavite

Cavite is one of the most well-known locations around the South—and when it comes to Cavite, one of the best things to do with your squad is none other than, you guessed it, another food trip! Cavite can showcase a number of restaurants for the average foodie squad, and when it comes to food tripping with your buddies, Cavite can be a good place to continue! Plus, it’s somewhat near BF Homes, which can be great if you weren’t all that full from your previous location.



Key Takeaway

There are more and more things you can do for the long weekend with your best buddies—and with these 8 places in store for you, spending your long weekend outside of your hotel in Alabang can be as fun as you make it be. Cheers to the weekend indeed!