Basic Hotel Etiquette Everyone Should Know About

Basic Hotel Etiquette Everyone Should Know About

What basic hotel etiquette should everyone know about?

  1. Observe hotel rules and regulations
  2. Read and respect the atmosphere
  3. Keep your noise to a minimum
  4. Treat every item with care
  5. Always express gratitude



People working at hotels in Alabang, Makati, Manila, and other parts of the country or the world could tell you about the many types of guests that they’ve had to accommodate. They probably have over a million stories detailing different events surrounding various kinds of people.

More often than not, these stories talk of rowdy and rude guests who seem to think that they own everything and everyone. Accounts of people threatening to call the authorities or using their so-called status to get what they want from the hotel. Thankfully, from time to time, you also get to hear heartwarming stories that put your faith back in humanity. These aren’t necessarily those who tip a lot or perform overly kind acts, but simply those who know how to act with class and manners.

From the bad to the good, hotel personnel and staff have experienced it all and they can tell you that it’s better to be grouped with the latter rather than the former. In order to do so, you need only to stick these basic hotel etiquettes whenever you’re enjoying your vacay or staycation!



Observe Hotel Rules and Regulations

All hotels have their own set of rules and regulations and it will do you well to follow each and every one of them. There are general rules that apply to the entire hotel premises such as avoid stealing and littering and there are also guidelines that are specific to each facility or amenity.

Some examples include an age limit for the bar, clothing requirements for the pool and dining area, opening and closing times, access to the gym and more. It is crucial that you are aware of these things so as to not go against them. If you’re not sure whether or not what you’re doing is right or not, don’t hesitate to call the front desk or ask any of the personnel in near proximity for help.



Read and Respect the Atmosphere

Read and Respect the Atmosphere

Each amenity doesn’t only come with their own set of rules but also their own atmosphere or ambiance, and it’s important that you know how to read and respect it. Whether it be the gym, spa, bar, lounge, or restaurant, each of those exudes a particular vibe that you have to help maintain.

If, for example, you get the urge to play in the pool but find that people are trying to relax, then you may have to put a hold to your plans so as to not disturb the areas calmness and serenity. This can also go the other way: say everyone’s having fun playing by the pool and you want some peace and quiet, you can’t just tell them to stop what they’re doing to get what you want. You should either try to find a spot where you won’t be disturbed by their playing or go to a completely different facility.

There are more of these but the bottom line is that you have to carefully observe your surroundings and match the vibe that the hotel guests are putting out.



Keep Your Noise to A Minimum

Guests tend to forget that they aren’t the only ones staying at the hotel. Don’t make the same mistake. There are hundreds of people with you, and behind every door could be a person trying to catch some sleep, so try not to disturb them and keep your noise to a minimum.

Don’t run down the hall and don’t talk as if the person you’re with is in a different plane. Even when you’re inside your room, try to keep it down as the walls may not be necessarily soundproof, and noise can easily permeate to the next room. Avoid shouting and cackling like madmen especially in the early and late hours of the day. All this is also applicable when you’re using any of the hotel’s amenities with other people around.



Treat Every Item with Care

Treat Every Item with Care

It goes without saying that the stuff you’re using at the hotel aren’t yours and are simply being lent to you, so treat them with extreme care lest you want to pay for repairs and replacements. You should also teach your kids (if you’re traveling with any) the same rule so they don’t touch and ruin whatever they see.

Moreover, if you do break something, admit it and don’t blame it on someone else. Hotel staff has enough on their plate and they don’t have the time to play detective and figure out who broke what. If you’re kind and honest, the hotel may not even ask you to pay for the item – assuming it was a complete accident, that is.



Always Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is perhaps the most important yet underrated hotel etiquette that everyone should know. While it’s true that hotel personnel and staff are there to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, it still pays to show or tell them how much you appreciate their work.

You can do this through the simple act of saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, staying patient, and smiling whenever you interact with them. If you have extra cash, you can also tip them handsomely when they get the job done without any issues.

The act of expressing your gratitude doesn’t only show that you have class and manners, but it can actually prompt the hotel staff to treat you better. After all, you only get back what you give.



Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, the most important thing to do when you’re staying at hotels in Alabang. Manila or Makati is to treat the people with the utmost respect. That’s really what all hotel staff and personnel want – to be treated not as slaves and workers but as the actual people they are. If you can do that, then you’re sure to be branded as a great guest that they’d love to have over and over again!

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