4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Hotel Stay

4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Hotel Stay

What are 4 simple ways to maximize your hotel stay?

  1. Have a scheduled arrival and departure time
  2. Loyalty is key
  3. Do not be afraid to ask
  4. Be nice every time



You might be surprised to know that making the most out of your staycation can be quite tricky at times. In Alabang hotels, you will not run out of things to do but the key to maximizing your hotel stay is to make it as memorable as possible, and it can be difficult to do so if you don’t know how.

The best part about this is that it’s as simple and you wouldn’t even need to resort to extravagant measures to make sure that you enjoy your posh stay in these hotels. Alabang is the city to be in the South; near the most popular establishments like malls, theme parks, and lifestyle centers, you only need to choose a hotel to end an activity-packed day with.

Read all about these hotel hacks to improve your stay at the best hotel in the South!



Have a Scheduled Arrival and Departure Time

Have a Scheduled Arrival and Departure Time

This trick is known to many hotel goers as the go-to way to maximize your hotel stay. This stretches out your time to enjoy the hotel’s luxury by exploring the different parts of the area, especially the lounge. It works especially well when you are just planning to stay the night.

Based on availability, you can even stay by a few hours on each end. You can maximize your stay by using your early check-in and late-check-out request. Give the front desk a heads up when you are thinking of coming early and staying late so they can properly accommodate the request. It doesn’t matter if you gain an hour extension or five, you are definitely sure to enjoy your stay with more time on your hands.



Make Prior Research

Arrive at your chosen hotel with ideas about the included amenities or what fees and incidentals come as extra. Doing your research in advance will prevent any surprises in terms of costs and the package that you have availed. It can be as simple as checking out that relaxation hour at a spa, signing up for a fitness class or take advantage of the hotel’s happy hour at the bar.

Look into the perks and incidentals that you can get at the hotel even before you pack your bags to go there. Confirm all the amenities that you have found out in your research and ask the front desk if they can make the definite accommodations. Ask for reviews from trusted sources and strive to achieve the positive experience that they had.



Loyalty is Key

Travelling comes at a cost but thankfully, hotels honor loyalty just like other places treat the cash of your wallet. Apparently, there is a significance to going back to the hotel that you’ve come to know and love. It has been known among hotel staff and travelers that loyalty equals royalty.

It doesn’t even matter if you are not a prominent figure, maximize your loyalty program and see how it related to redemptions or perks that can maximize your stay just as enjoyable. Augment your experience to the best perk that you can have in your program and start from there.

Double check if you are eligible for the hotel’s rewards programs because this can expose you to perks such as complimentary nights, vouchers, or extra access to amenities while you’re there.



Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask

Asking for extras is not something that you should shy away from. Hotels can accommodate minor requests that you would not otherwise get from an outside establishment. Requests such as slippers, extra conditioners, ear plugs, additional coffee, a smaller-sized robe, an extension cord, and even a pillow menu are often complementary. So just ask away!

It can even be used for emergency scenarios like when you forget your toothpaste or sanitary napkin, just ask. This is because most hotels are stocked up on the basic essentials. Most of the time, they are just not blatantly advertised. Again, the solution is to ask.



Be Nice Every Time

The best hotels came out on the top because of their great customer service. Knowing this, you should repay them with kindness and appreciation. Doing this would not go unnoticed since hotel staff tends to improve the level of care and attention they give to grateful guests.

It doesn’t hurt to give out handsome tips once in a while. This is also a great way to show appreciation for all the hard work that they render in the hotel. Take it a step forward and tip at the end of your stay, since this will be a great way to grow your relationship with staff members. You get the best of both worlds: having a blast at your hotel stay with keen hospitality and you leave the hotel with new friends!



Key Takeaway

The ways on how to maximize your hotel stay do not have to be lavish. These can be as simple as standing your ground and just acknowledging the hospitality that hotels can give you.

With the best hotel stay comes a period of relaxation on your end. So why not insert simple efforts to further improve your hotel stay? Always keep in mind that you should also do your part as a guest and you will be welcomed by the staff in the best way possible. Enjoy!

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