Why Vivere is One of the Best Hotels in Manila for Your Staycation

Everyone deserves to go on a vacation after a busy week at work or school. One of the most perfect options is to book a room in one of the best hotels in Manila for a staycation. While going to faraway destinations is a great adventure away from the city, one might not have the time to do so, as weekends are short, and you would want to spend the most time relaxing with your friends, colleagues, and family.

This is why staycations have now become one of the best vacation alternatives. You can maximize your time to unwind without having to travel far while still experiencing the best amenities and relaxing atmosphere that can help you unwind over the weekend. When it comes to popular staycation ideas, one of the best places to go is luxury hotels. They have proven to provide the best getaway experience within the city. Here’s why going on a hotel staycation is one of the best getaway ideas, and why Vivere provides the best staycation experience.


Staycation: A Getaway from the Hustle and Bustle

The idea of going on a staycation has become a popular trend. More and more people are opting to go on a quick weekend getaway to nearby hotels instead of having to go to places like beaches and tourist destinations, which can be costlier and requires a significant amount of travel time that might not be ideal for one who has gone through a week of school or work. While scenic and enjoyable, you might want to be on the most convenient getaway possible.

This makes short getaways within the city some of the best vacation options. They require minimal travel time and keep you close to all of the amenities that help make it a very relaxing experience. The best part about going on a staycation is that you can either enjoy it with friends and family or your colleagues at work. When it comes to searching for the best hotels in Manila for your staycation, here are some wonderful ideas that you should try with your friends and colleagues.


The Business Staycation: A Corporate Getaway

Workdays can be very busy and tiring. This can lead you and your workmates to run out of energy after a very productive and hectic week. You would all need a nice and relaxing staycation that will not only help you and your workmates unwind but also provide some valuable time to get to know them more, improve morale, and create healthy working relationships that will surely lead to a more productive workplace.

Arranging a corporate getaway at some of the best hotels in Manila for a staycation provides you with the best luxury experience. Aside from catering to various clients and helping them arrange corporate meetings and events, Vivere is also able to accommodate guests who are looking to arrange a corporate staycation, where employees and management can relax after a long week of work and indulge in the best amenities available.


Leisure Staycation: A Getaway with Friends and Family

For groups of friends and family looking for a weekend getaway, a staycation is the best and most cost-effective option. You would no longer have to spend too much on traveling. This allows you to spend more on the many amenities and wonderful services provided by the best hotel in the Metro South. Vivere offers a variety of suites, amenities, and fine dining options that provide you with the most luxurious and relaxing experience that you would surely enjoy.

If your friends and family are looking for a way to relax and unwind over the weekend, going on a luxury hotel staycation might be the best choice. Leisurely getaways are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, which is why you should pick nothing short of the best hotels in Manila for your staycation.


How to Create the Best Staycation Experience

If you, your friends, family, and colleagues are looking to go on a weekend staycation, it is best to make sure you are able to create the most unforgettable getaway experience possible. There are many ways to help you make your staycation experience that much more special. Here are some of the best ways to create the best staycation experience and make it more memorable.


Leave all worries at home or work

The goal of going to a staycation is to relax and unwind during the weekend and be away from school or work as much as possible. This is why it is for you to leave all your worries about work or school at home, and focus on having the best staycation. Rest and relaxation are about getting away from the hustle and bustle of work, and thinking about these worrying thoughts will only hamper the overall experience.


Do it with a group

Staycations are best enjoyed by a group of friends, colleagues, and family, which is why inviting them to join you during your weekend staycation will surely provide the best getaway experience. Doing a staycation with a group allows you to unwind and spend some valuable bonding time together, creating for some fun and wonderful staycation memories and moments that you’ll enjoy.


Book a hotel

By booking your staycation experience in a place like Vivere Hotels, you will be able to have the best staycation experience possible. With the best hotel rooms and services in the Metro South, along with some of the finest amenities and cuisine on offer. The best part about going to a hotel is that they are just within the city, meaning you would not need to travel for a long time to reach your destination. If you are looking for a premium staycation experience, there is no better place to go than a hotel.


Why a Hotel Staycation is the Best Getaway

When it comes to going on a weekend getaway, there is no better option than to pick one of the best hotels in Manila for staycation in the form of Vivere Hotels. Providing the best hotel experience in the Metro South, Vivere Hotels is a staycation destination that is only a short distance away from the city, allowing you to have more time to relax and unwind. Here are other reasons why going on a hotel staycation is the best vacation experience for you.


The 5-Star Hotel Experience

Since becoming the first 5-star hotel in the Metro South, Vivere has remained committed to providing the best luxury hotel experience for its clients and guests over the past few years. From providing the best hotel room services to offering some of the best and most luxurious hotel suites, Vivere only aims to offer the best for every visitor. If you are looking for the best hotel in the Metro South, there is no other hotel that offers the highest quality of services like Vivere.


Quality Cuisine

Part of the Vivere Hotel’s quality service is their wide array of the finest cuisine that provides some of the best epicurean delights that cater to many different palettes and preferences. From classic Filipino dishes to some international meal selections, Vivere’s commitment to offering only the best food ensures that every client and guest will remain satisfied and delighted with their meals. Along with being one of the best hotels in Manila for a staycation, Vivere is also one of the most highly reputable hotels in terms of providing culinary delights of world-class quality.

For the best staycation meals, you can look no further than enjoying some breakfast and dinner at The Nest, which offers the finest dining experience in the Metro South. The Nest hosts a morning buffet which offers a variety of classic breakfast staples that will surely get your staycation off to a good start.

When it comes to hotel room dining, Vivere is able to serve a plethora of dishes right into your room. From classic Filipino dishes to some delicious international entrees, lunch is surely something to forward to, and is a 5-star culinary experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own room. All you have to do is call room service and order all of the dishes and drinks for the best lunch experience.

For corporate staycations, Vivere can also cater to clients looking to arrange their own weekend getaway by providing a selection of menus while lounging in some of the best event venues. From menu sets to buffet selections, there is surely no shortage of first-rate cuisine.


Quality Amenities

With the best hotel suites and the finest cuisine, Vivere Hotel offers the best hotel service in the Metro South. Along with these wonderful benefits, Vivere Hotel also offers some of the best amenities available. From swimming pools where you can go for a relaxing time with your friends and family to going to the Gym to energize, Vivere Hotel has some places that will allow you to maximize your ultimate staycation experience.

Aside from the swimming pool and gym, guests and clients also have access to the hotel’s sauna and Jacuzzi, which are the best areas to enjoy some quiet rest and relaxation that will make for the most peaceful staycation experience. When it comes to having the best amenities in the Metro South, there is no place quite like Vivere Hotel. If you are looking to do some activities with your friends and family, you can try out these amenities and experience the most luxurious features that hotel living has to offer.


Fine Dining and Nightlife

Dinner is also another delectable culinary experience that you will surely enjoy at The Nest. With the finest dishes created with attention to detail and taste, the Nest offers an unparalleled dining experience. Along with dining with the best cuisine and the finest drinks, you also have a stunning and breathtaking view of the Metro South, which cultivates the finest dining atmosphere that your friends and family will undeniably enjoy.

Along with having a great dinner, you can also experience the finest nightlife in the Metro South, with refreshing drinks and stunning hotel music provided by Vivere’s in-house band.


Book Your Staycation Experience at Vivere Hotel

When it comes to family staycations in Manila, going on a weekend trip away from all the hustle and bustle of work and school is the best way to relax and unwind. The best place to experience the most opulent services and amenities is at Vivere Hotel.

Vivere, the first 5-star hotel in the Metro South, is the premier luxury hotel experience that will make your staycation experience that much more special. From the best luxury hotel suites that provide the best comfort and relaxation to amenities that maximize your staycation experience, Vivere Hotel only offers the best for our guests and clients.

Besides providing the best hotel suites and amenities, Vivere also has event venues that cater to different kinds of events, such as corporate meetings, debuts, parties, and wedding receptions. As one of the best wedding venues in Alabang, we are dedicated to helping you create the best moments and memories.

If you are looking for one of the best hotels in Manila for your staycation, you can book a room now and experience the best luxury experience.

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