Why Celebrate Chinese New Year at a Hotel

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What are the reasons for celebrating the Chinese New Year at a Hotel?

  1. Have a Scrumptious Meal at the Hotel’s Rooftop
  2. Host a Family Reunion at the Function Room
  3. Enjoy a Relaxing Spa
  4. Avail of the Hotel’s Lunar New Year Promos


Also known as the Spring Festival in China, Chinese New Year celebrations begin on the 25th of January 2020. The holiday is an excuse to devour as much Tikoy and Xia Long Bao as your stomach can. For Filipino-Chinese communities like Binondo, it is the beginning of a new year which entails new fortune. If you are looking for ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year and at the same time wishing for a relaxing weekend, choose to visit a hotel in Alabang for an activity-filled Chinese New Year staycation. From sharing meals with the entire clan to receiving a relaxing full body massage, here are some of the reasons why you must celebrate at the hotel.


Have a Scrumptious Meal at the Hotel’s Rooftop

Have a Scrumptious Meal at the Hotel’s Rooftop

Are you the type of person to find peace while sitting on top of a building with a view of the city skyline? Then the Nest restaurant is the place for you to start the lunar calendar right. Witness fireworks at the hotel’s rooftop as you enjoy a glass of hand-crafted cocktails. The iconic rooftop bar at the Nest offers breathtaking views of the skyline with a rich selection of international cuisine. The venue provides ample space for large group celebrations. Regardless of whether you are with your colleagues or family, a group of 20 people must book reservations by contacting the rooftop restaurant.


Host a Family Reunion at the Function Room

Part of the traditional Chinese New Year celebration is giving ampao or red envelopes and simply sharing meals with the family. If you plan to host a 30 pax party or more, choose to book hall reservations with a hotel in Alabang for accessibility and ease of transportation. Celebrate with your Filipino-Chinese family at Picasso Hall with a seating capacity of 40 in a buffet setup that offers a view of the metro’s southern skyline. Make sure to let the hotel know your plans to celebrate so they can arrange the entire venue for you.


Enjoy a Relaxing Spa

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Chinese people often find spas essential to surviving the intense pace of life. They believe that the human body is made up of 4 principal elements of fire, water, air, and earth. The elements correspond to biological body parts. Many connect it with illnesses caused by a lack of balance in certain elements of the body. Through a massage, the disharmony between the elements in the body that causes pain can straighten. Obtain the balance of energy in your body to eventually enable it to recover naturally with a night massage. What better way to cap off the night as you welcome the beginning of the Lunar New Year with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage.


Avail of the Hotel’s Lunar New Year Promos

Bright Beginnings promos at Vivere Hotels and Resorts end on the 31st of January 2020 to officially close Chinese New Year celebrations. For those who are looking forward to an amazing weekend celebration, the hotel located in Alabang created three inexpensive promos. Included promo prices are PHP4,888 net, PHP8,888 net, and PHP9,888 net.

If you are a couple searching for a place within the metro to spend the weekend together, take advantage of one of the promos before it ends. An automatic upgrade to an Executive Suite for two adults, breakfast buffet at The Nest Dining in the Sky, access to amenities like the Lama Pool and Fitness Edge Gym with free shuttle service within the vicinity of the hotel, your PHP4,888 will surely be worth spending on such a relaxing experience.

For families of 4 with 2 adults and 2 kids, obtain overnight accommodation in the hotel’s Premier Suite. The PHP8,888 already includes a breakfast buffet at the rooftop restaurant as well as access to the lama pool and gym. Let the hotel know your staycation plans so they can arrange your accommodations and make your stay extra special.

Finally, if you are a group of four friends or a family of adults, breakdown the PHP9,888 among yourselves and experience a truly relaxing hotel staycation during the Chinese New Year. Have an overnight stay in the hotel’s two-bedroom suite and enjoy a breakfast buffet. Retire by the lama pool for a rejuvenating quick dip.


Key Takeaway

Vivere Hotel and Resort offers a great venue for Chinese New Year celebrations with your family or friends. From having the best delicacies and enjoying a glass of wine on the rooftop to engaging in fun and delightful activities with the entire clan at a function hall in the hotel, you will surely enjoy your stay. Regardless of whether you are a group or a couple, the hotel curated suitable accommodation promos for you. Truly, celebrating the Chinese New Year at a hotel is a rejuvenating experience that allows you to welcome the beginning of the lunar calendar with a clear mind and happy heart.

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