Family-Friendly Activities to Do Near Alabang Hotels

Family Friendly Activities to Do Near Alabang Hotels

What are the family-friendly activities that you can do near Alabang hotels?

  1. Visit Alabang Town Center
  2. Take a stroll at Cuenca Park
  3. Attend mass at Saint James the Great Parish Church
  4. Relax by the Jamboree Lake
  5. Dine at The Nest


Booked a hotel in Alabang and looking for things to do? We’ve got a list of places to visit near your hotel that have tons of family-friendly activities to enjoy! There’s always a place for everyone to have fun near your hotel in Alabang. Whether you’re looking for excitement or just want to unwind and relax, we got your back. Here are some areas where you can do some family-friendly activities near your hotel in Alabang.


Visit Alabang Town Center

Visit Alabang Town Center

How can you miss one of the most notable landmarks in the South, specifically, in Muntinlupa, Alabang Town Center. Known to many as the best mall in the south, this lush shopping center and entertainment hub feature a multitude of family-friendly activities to do. Alabang Town Center has a place for everyone to enjoy!

Your kids can enjoy the child-friendly attractions such as the playground at the town plaza, located at the heart of the mall. You could spend some quality time with your kids at Timezone, watch a film together at the cinema, or enjoy a film at the cinema.

This mall is known to many as a prime shopping location with an array of coffee shops, retail stores, dining areas, restaurants, and the theater. If there’s one place to do dozens of family-friendly activities, Alabang Town Center would be the first place to go.


Take a Stroll at Cuenca Park

Located at the gated subdivision of Ayala Alabang Village. Cuenca park is the perfect location to enjoy a variety of sports activities. There’s a basketball court which you can use for free and the field can be used to football, Frisbee, and tag football. There’s a playground for your little bundle of joy to use.

If you’re not the sporty type, you can still enjoy Alabang’s Cuenca park. Just sit back, relax, while you enjoy your favorite drink at Starbucks. Near the children’s playground, you could enjoy the fresh air and have a picnic with your family. At Cuenca park, nothing beats sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the fresh southern breeze.


Attend Mass at Saint James the Great Parish Church

Saint James the Great Parish Church

Located inside Ayala Alabang Village, Saint James the Great Parish is known as one of the most beautiful churches in Muntinlupa. Its elegant structural design and the beautiful interior is a must-visit. If you plan on attending mass in Muntinlupa, this is a great place to celebrate.

Saint James the Great Parish is literally a few steps away from Cuenca park. You could enjoy a relaxing walk around the area and admire the stunning architecture of this amazing church. If you’re looking for a quiet and beautiful place to reflect and pray, this church will be your best stop. The grand design of this place will leave you in awe, you would never think that such an amazing church stands within the walls of the highly secure Ayala Alabang Village.


Relax by the Jamboree Lake

The smallest natural lake in the Philippines, Jamboree Lake is located at the New Bilibid Prisons Compound at Poblacion, Muntinlupa City. A small version of the statue of liberty once stood at the center of the lake. Before its replacement on July 4, 1955; the original piece sank and is said to be sitting at the bottom of the lake. Today, the 1955 miniature replica of lady liberty still stands at the center of the lake.

The Jamboree Lake is the best place at Muntinlupa to enjoy a tranquil and calm environment. There no other place in the area that’s more serene than Jamboree Lake. You could take your family here for a peaceful walk and appreciate the nature that surrounds the suburbs. There’s no better place to unwind and slow down at Muntinlupa’s Jamboree Lake.



The Nest

The Nest

Muntinlupa is the place to be if you want to enjoy a relaxing stay at one of the best hotels in Alabang. Vivere Hotel’s, The Nest, is one of the most beautiful rood-deck restaurants in the country. The unobstructed view of The Nest is the best highlight of this restaurant.

Whether you dine during the day or at night, The Nest’s view will always leave a special place in your memory. Every food on their menu is sumptuous, and they have every type of food your family members will enjoy. Vivere is also a fine party venue in Alabang, you can celebrate almost any even in this wonderful hotel.


Key Takeaway

Alabang is the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle environment of the city. There are dozens of places to enjoy fun family-friendly activities near hotels in Alabang. Party venues, restaurants, and shopping centers offer a wide range of things to do. There’s nothing like venturing around Alabang and finding all sorts of exciting things to do for everyone.

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