Why a Hotel Staycation Should Be Your Next Self-Care Splurge

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What are some of the reasons why you should have a self-care staycation?

  1. It Is the Best Way to Unplug
  2. Opportunity to Catch Up On Sleep
  3. Great Nourishment
  4. It is Affordable
  5. You Still Get the Opportunity to Plan
  6. Home Is Never Far Away
  7. Reduced Time of Travel


The idea of splurging on self-care is becoming more and more popular. As society begins to accept and acknowledge mental health needs, people are starting to be open and feel normal about it. The self-care staycation trend is set to be one of the trends in traveling for years to come. For those who are searching for activities to do, you might want to consider a hotel staycation. Here are some of the reasons why you should try staying at a hotel to recuperate your energy.


It Is the Best Way to Unplug

Think about the solemnity of staying in your own hotel room. The peace and quiet of a hotel will give you the silence you need without having to travel farther to visit retreat houses. With all the activities you can do in the hotel, you will forget about checking your social media. In this era of overwhelming digital and electronic gadget technology, you will have to stay online to be updated. It is nice to take a break by staying at a hotel for a couple of days. Hotels are your best choice for silent unplugging from technology.


Opportunity to Catch Up On Sleep

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Try to imagine not having to deal with the noise in your neighborhood for a day or a week. If that does not convince you, try visualizing waking up to a comfy environment without having to worry about the chores you have to do. At hotels, you are provided with the peace of mind and quiet haven you need. The suites are meant to give you the feeling of being home. Indeed, a hotel staycation remains a great opportunity to catch up on the amount of sleep you need.


Great Nourishment

Hotel staycations are not always about having a venue to sleep and unwind. In fact, a person cannot think and sleep well if they have not eaten a proper meal. At hotels, you will have the luxury of food being delivered right on your hotel suite doorstep. If you like to wander around a little bit, having lunch at the hotel restaurant can be a great alternative. More often, these hotels serve international and local dishes alike. With that, you are presented with plenty of viands to choose from. The best thing about staying at a hotel is not worrying about what food to cook or eat.


It is Affordable

It is Affordable

By choosing to stay at a hotel, you are able to cut back on flights or cruise fares as well as on expensive food and activities. A staycation involves a short journey. Meaning you do not have to travel far that could cost you a lot of cash. The amount of money you may save from cutting back on travel fares can be used to treat yourself inside the hotel. Staycations can be quick vacations during the weekend. Imagine staying at a hotel after a long tiring week. Indeed, it is rejuvenating and less tiring compared to traveling miles away from home.


You Still Get the Opportunity to Plan

If you are the planner type of traveler, then you can still get your kicks when planning a staycation. You can still make an itinerary of your activities, break down expenses, book the hotel, and even plan your overall agenda for the staycation. Plan your staycation like you normally would for a vacation trip out-of-the-country or out-of-town.


Home Is Never Far Away

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Regardless of whether you are a parent with commitments at home such as your children or a corporate worker with on-call duties, you can easily head back towards your house anytime. If you are planning to travel abroad with such commitments, you will end up failing to do your duty because of your distance from home.


Reduced Time of Travel

A hotel staycation remains your best option if you are trying to avoid traveling to farther places. You might not experience the luxury of sightseeing but you can obtain the peace and quiet you need. Instead of sitting at the airline and waiting for the flight, you can already start enjoying the hotel suite. By the time you board, you have already explored the entire suite and unpacked your stuff. Finally, before you arrive at your international destination, you might have already explored the amenities in the hotel.


Key Takeaway

Good self-care is the key to an improved everyday mood and reduced levels of anxiety. Self-care is any activity a person does to take care of their mental, emotional, and physical health. From traveling alone, staycations, plunging into different hobbies and spending more time alone to think. Self-care staycations should not cost you the leisure of time and money. You can splurge on self-care at your local hotel to eliminate traveling far and reduce excessive spending on activities.

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