How to Throw the Best All-Girl Slumber Party at a Hotel

Girlfriends have fun on home pajamas party

What are the steps in planning an all-girls slumber party?

  1. Plan Months Ahead
  2. Set a Budget
  3. Determine the Best Hotel
  4. Establish a Theme
  5. Plan Games and Activities


Regardless of whether you are only spending the weekend together or booking for 3 days and 2 nights, planning ahead of time will allow you to stick to the budget and have a seamless slumber party. With that, here are some hotel slumber party ideas you and your girlfriends can do to make the occasion a little more exciting!


Plan Months Ahead

As much as spontaneous trips give more excitement, it is still better to plan months ahead to avoid the pitfalls of a slumber party with your girlfriends. A group of friends is never complete without that one girl who just cannot confirm their attendance because of commitment issues. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is still the reason why some outings or sleepovers never push through. If you have that kind of girlfriend or three, planning months ahead will provide them more time allowance for finalizing their decision. With this, you will not go on a trip or sleepover with only half of the group present.


Set a Budget

Set a Budget

When it comes to slumber parties, being flexible with expenses is acceptable until later on in the night that you begin to order all sorts of foods and beverages. With this, setting a budget prevents you from shelling out money to continue having fun. When planning a budget, ask the girls for the amount they are willing to chip in. The reason for this is to avoid making a person in the group feel left out due to personal budget constraints. Take note, you must ask the girls individually so that no one will feel the pressure to top the previous person’s share. Once everyone has given their budget, align your activities with the person who had the least to share. Pool the amount together depending on the least contribution and put the excess into keeping. This way, you will have extra money for any type of emergency that may occur.


Determine the Best Hotel

When searching for a great venue or hotel, make sure to find a place wherein you do not have to split into two groups. Prior to booking, let the hotel know your plans and the number of people coming. More often, these hotels even cook up surprises for guests like you who are celebrating a special occasion. Letting the hotel management know your purpose of visit could also entitle you to special amenities.


Establish a Theme

Brunettes in white bathrobes have fun in a bright room.

People say, birds of the same feather flock together! Regardless of whether this saying is true for your group or not, it is still fun to dress up in themes. The theme could be color-coded or even matchy outfits. Think about all the cute and creative theme ideas that would look great in pictures. If the budget is more than enough for the important things, you can choose to get everyone matching sleeping masks or fluffy bedroom slippers. There is arguably nothing in this world that says girlfriends more than any clothing or jewelry that matches. Coordinating and matching is literally the code and sign of a tight friendship!


Plan Games and Activities

You know for a fact that slumber parties rarely happen. With this, expect none of you will sleep early or at least get proper sleep. It is expected that everyone in the group will stay awake until the wee hours of the night. Keep yourselves entertained with these 3 fun and exciting games.


  • Keep Talking

To play the game, you will need a bowl filled with words written on slips of paper. Have each member of the group think of at least 6 words each. Words can be anything under the sun! Once they are done, fold each paper and shake the bowl so that nobody will know which paper contains their words. To play, have each player pull out a slip of paper. Whichever word they pick up will be their topic. Have them talk about the topic for 2 minutes without getting off-topic. Consequences are entirely up to you in case they fail to play the game correctly!


  • Blind-folded Makeup Artist

You will need lipstick, foundation or loose powder, and blush. Avoid using pointed objects that can injure the eye such as mascara, eyebrow pencils, and lip liners. There should be two teams playing the game. One from each time will be the model and the rest will be the artists. Conversely, another one from each team will be blind-folded. She will be the one to apply the makeup on the model while the rest of the team gives her instructions. Be the judge of your own creations!


  • Paranoia

Everyone sits in a circle and one person whispers a question that starts with “who here” into the ear of the person to their right. The person then has to answer by yelling the name of the person. The catch is no-one else knows what the original question was. If the person whose name was yelled wants to find out what the question about them was, they have to take a shot. If they choose not to, then everyone else in the circle gets to hear the question, and that person never gets to know.


Key Takeaway

Take note, failing to plan means planning to fail. Any outing that is well-planned has a higher chance of happening. Once the rooms are booked and everyone has paid, there is no turning back. With this, take note of the simple process of planning and hotel slumber party ideas to make the most out of rare sleepover occasions with your girlfriends!