Your Guide on Having the Best Staycation in Manila

The many demands of work and life can get the better of us. When it becomes too much, all you need is a little R&R with your loved ones, or just yourself and have the best staycation in Manila. You can find many different hotels offering this service but there is only one who will come out on top for this title. Sure, you can stay at home and have your staycation there but where is the fun in that?

You might be wondering where you can find peace and quiet in this busy city but you can be assured that in the middle of the fast-paced city life, there is a sanctuary you can call your own. Going on an out-of-town retreat is a fun alternative but it can also be stressful as it will drain your energy what with the constant traveling and exploring. You don’t even have too far to experience this. You can simply have a staycation in Alabang, which a very convenient place in the Metro.

Staycations, on the other hand, are guaranteed to make you feel calm and in Zen. It is a chance to get away from your normal daily routine and unwind as much as you want. With staycations, you can have the best of both worlds: an endless stream of activities and a chance to relax without running into hassles.

Curious to learn more about maximizing your staycation to its fullest extent? Then, read on below for important tips you should keep in mind the next time you plan on having one:


How to Have a Successful Staycation 101

When people talk about having to get away, they immediately think about skipping town to relieve themselves of the boredom or stress. Staycations offer another option against these far-off destinations since it is a great way to have a great vacation without having to drive for a long time, boarding a plane or hopping on a boat.

However, in order to come prepared for your well-deserved relaxation day, you should also keep these important factors in mind:


Book Your Hotel in Advance

This will assure you that the date is set and you should commit to this special holiday. Booking your hotel beforehand will save you from having to do it at later day. Some problems may arise from this like the hotel being fully-booked or you stop thinking about having a staycation altogether. Visit your hotel’s website and it is bound to have an online reservation and this way, you can conveniently secure the date and you just have to countdown to its arrival.


Pack Your Essentials

In order to have the best staycation in Manila, you should come prepared. It is a given that hotels can accommodate you with these essentials but bringing your own would be more suitable since you can feel right at home at a luxury accommodation. You can also add some more things of your own or those that you have always wanted to try. Want to soak in a bubble bath but you don’t have a tub in your home? Then this is your chance to relax and have a great staycation.



You might feel the urge to broadcast your holiday on social media but it is important to remember that it also pays to get away from these things once in a while. Staying totally connected to the world can remind you of what you are missing out so might as well log off for just a short time. Turning off your smartphone or laptop may feel archaic but this will help you fully relaxed. Think about it this way: if you turn on your Wi-Fi, you might be blasted with tons of notifications from your work email—you wouldn’t want that on your special day, would you?


Enjoy the Comfort of Your Hotel Bed

Imagine this: perfectly pressed white sheets, fluffy and oversized pillows, and a cool room to boot. All of these just screams: “Nap time!” You may be doing too much and you can get burnt out easily so a well-deserved rest is just what you need. Catch up on some sleep you have missed because of chasing deadlines and other work stuff that you are not supposed to think about on a vacation.


Stay Sane

If you are having a staycation with your family or your special person, chances are there might be interruptions in the relaxation part of the holiday. Whether it is a food mishap, a small argument, or a slight dissatisfaction that leads to a tantrum, you have to remember that you are there to have fun and free your mind from stress. When you feel like something negative is building up, take it upon yourself to stop it before it happens and everyone (especially yourself) will thank you for it.


Don’t be Afraid to Lounge Around

Staycations is one of the few occasions where you can lounge around without anyone calling you a slacker. You might want to trade your day clothes for that soft bathrobe at the rack or just order dessert while watching your favorite movie. Get rid of the guilt and just go for it!


Keep it Simple

Sometimes people tend to feel like a staycation must be extravagant and as exciting as a destination vacation, but it is meant to be experienced simply like a day off away from the hustle. An activity such as watching a movie can mean a lot especially if you lack the time to do so. Enjoy the little things because oftentimes, they are what we overlook the most and these little things are found in the simplest of times.


Finding the Perfect Place for your Staycation

There is always something for everybody. With staycations, the best in Manila can cater to all types of people with different and eclectic tastes. If you are worried about finding the perfect place for your staycation, then you should categorize your interests and preferences so that you and your entourage can aptly plan for it.


Staycation with the Fam

If you are looking to bond with your family, then choose a family-friendly hotel that offers family rooms and activities for kids. You should probably look for a hotel that is accessible at a convenient location so that the whole family can get to and from the staycation in a snap.


Couple’s Retreat

Who better to relax with than your partner, right? If your staycation also doubles as a celebration of a romantic occasion like your anniversary or a special milestone, then you should consider booking a hotel that offers couple activities like massages, spa dates, or a beautiful dinner set-up. Take this opportunity to do something new with your significant other and take advantage of personalized services that will make your stay worthwhile.


Going Solo

Feeling drained from a long work week or just want to get away all by your lonesome? Having the best staycation in Manila will definitely cure your blues! Pick a hotel that will pamper you with ease. The relaxation and quiet will be your very own escape from your daily life so better make the most out of it, right? Check out hotels that have bright but warm interiors which will make you feel like you have entered a different world away from whatever causes you to be frantic or anxious.


However you choose to travel, it is always important that you plan for it to save you from further mishaps in the future. But keep in mind that you should not be too obsessive over your plans because this can take the fun out of your best staycation in Manila.


Activities You Can Do on a Staycation

It may be tempting to just lay about during your staycation but doing so would take the fun out of your best staycation. In Manila, you can find an array of activities you can do and you can be sure that you will have fun in each one of them. If you are feeling stumped on what to do, then check out the list below and find the one that best suits your fancy:


Catch up on Reading

Do you have books that you have always wanted to read but you are too busy to do so? Then this is your chance to read up on those! There’s nothing like a good book to keep you company during your break. Find a cool, comfortable, and well-lit spot in your staycation place if you don’t prefer to read in your room. Get lost in the stories and you will find that you are relaxing in no time.


Binge Watch Your Favorite Series or Movies

Another activity you can enjoy is watching your favorite TV shows during your comfortable staycation. On this day, you would not worry about binge watching too much and forgetting an errand you have to do. Feel your stress melt away as you laugh at your favorite sitcom, cry during a rom-com or scream out when a horror movie scares you.


Turn Dinner into an Adventure

Try out an exotic restaurant that you always wanted to visit or dine 31-stories above the ground. Whatever it is, make your dinner worth remembering. Think about the gastronomic experience you can have and eat at the best restaurants near the place where you are going to have your best staycation in Manila. Explore many offers and treat yourself like a king/queen.


Hang Out at a Pool

You can relieve some of your worries by taking a dip in the pool and if you are lucky enough, you can also be greeted by a panoramic view of the city. If swimming is not your thing, then you can just hang back and enjoy a drink while you are serenaded by the calm waves of the pool. Either way, it would be a fun experience that you don’t get to do every day in your daily routine.


Be a Tourist in the City

See the city with fresh eyes and explore it as a tourist. You will be surprised how much you are going to learn about your hometown and it isn’t even something that you think about during the day. Go for a stroll with a camera in hand and have a walking tour of the city. Sign up for some workshops or check out the trendy café or restaurant that is on every tourists’ list.


Have a Shopping Spree

This might be the time when you can unwind with some retail therapy. If you feel cooped up in your hotel, then take this opportunity to go out and buy your favorite things. If you are feeling like you would want to splurge, then do so without the guilt because having a staycation is all about releasing inhibitions so you could relax. Enjoy the freedom because you deserve it after working hard so much.


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