How to Practice Proper Social Distancing as a Hotel Guest

How to Practice Proper Social Distancing as a Hotel Guest

How do you practice social distancing as a guest?

  1. Wear your masks in public
  2. Sanitize frequently
  3. Keep your distance

Hotel guest social distancing can help the industry cope with COVID-19. If you are a hotel guest, you should know the basics of social distancing by now it can take a bit of time to get used to the actual protocol but due to the recent developments and cases it may be optimal to begin practicing proper social distancing on the daily once the hotel operations are finally open you will still need to practice proper social distancing to prevent the spread of pathogens and viruses that may cause another outbreak it is up to both the guest and hotel to keep the premises safe and secure. Here’s how you can do it easily and carefully.

Wear Your Masks In Public

Wear your masks in public

Wearing a mask in public dramatically reduces the rate of infection of both non-infected and infected individuals. There are some people who are not fans of wearing masks due to it being uncomfortable. However, there are tons of mask designs that are comfortable but can also provide special protection from dangerous particles. You can save money on masks by choosing replaceable filters and washable masks. Instead of spending a lot of money on disposable masks, you can try saving some cash on something that can be washable. Or you can opt to make your own mask with the filter pocket to fully customize what you’re wearing. There are tons of sellers online that can cater to the style you need to keep up with friends. It’s important to remember when we were buying a mask to focus more on its functionality rather than its style.

Hotel hallways tend to be narrow compared to public areas. You will need to wear your mask in the hallway even if other guests are in the room. You can prevent the spread of particles this way without making too much effort.

Sanitize Frequently

Another important thing you should consider when social distancing is to properly sanitize your hands frequently. Our hands are the best source to spread any dangerous viruses if we don’t properly wash and sanitize them. If there is no soap and water nearby alcohol can quickly remove and disinfect any problematic viruses on your hands It may seem like a good idea to wear gloves while social distancing but in reality, it only gives the illusion of sanitation. The rubber material or latex material of the glove may seem like it’s protecting your skin but in reality, it spreads germs faster. Don’t be fooled into using these gloves as the most powerful tool you can still utilize with good old soap and water.

Even if you’re staying in a hotel with maintenance staff in housekeeping, you should still do your own due diligence while you’re staying in your room. What this means is that you need to properly sanitize high touch areas if you’ve been outside. This will include your doorknob, key card, key card holder, and any touchscreen or bags that you bring in. Even your shoes need a spray of alcohol on the soles to kill dangerous bacteria. Bring a bottle of alcohol on hand when you are traveling or staying in a hotel.

Keep Your Distance

Keep your distance

At this time a person may not look sick, but you could still put yourself at risk if you stay near them. You could catch something you weren’t meant to and put your family and partners in danger. It’s easy to keep yourself and everyone around you safe if you keep your distance and sanitize frequently. Recommended distancing required for social distancing is around 2 m or 6 feet apart. Social distancing is the new normal and it should be embraced as soon as possible to prevent any future problems and the possible resurgence of the pandemic.

Many clothing brands sell reusable personal protective equipment and fashionable and usable designs, and you may opt to purchase your own reusable personal protective gear to further protect your skin away from particles. One way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to put away and disinfect used clothing. Take a shower immediately. If you are staying at the hotel and you already did your due diligence in sanitizing your room after the end of the day you should remember to also sanitize your body by taking a thorough shower and bath to wash away bacteria and viruses. Keep your used clothing in a separate bag away from your clean clothing to prevent cross-contamination.

Key Takeaway

If you do it properly, hotel guest social distancing is an easy part of your routine that can turn the tides. These tips are simple and easy to do. Anyone who is looking to travel and stay at a hotel can feel more confident and safe when properly practicing social distancing on vacation.

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