7 Tips for Eating Smart at an Eat-All-You-Can Hotel Buffet

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What are some tips to maximize eating all-you-can buffets at hotels?

  1. Dress Appropriately
  2. Take Small Servings
  3. Start with Soup or Salad
  4. Choose Your Seat Wisely
  5. Avoid Creamy or Fried Food
  6. Use Separate Plates
  7. Post-buffet Tea


Indeed, there are plenty of dishes from varied cuisines found at only the best hotel buffet in Alabang. With almost endless options, it is almost impossible not to want everything. Despite that, you can still satisfy your eye’s cravings by taking note of these smart ways to maximize your time in the restaurant.


Dress Appropriately

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Just like when you are out for a quick grocery run, wear a comfortable outfit with loose fabric. Make sure the bottoms you will be wearing are not tight-fitted. Avoid wearing high-waist pants that are hugging the waist. It will be harder for you to breathe once your stomach is filling up with food. Moreover, you will feel bloated and full since your stomach is not able to naturally expand. For the top, you can go for anything that is easily washed.


Take Small Servings

It is indeed a Filipino thing to put different kinds of dishes with varied sauce in one plate with a cup of rice. Yet at a hotel buffet, try small servings of each dish from all cuisine instead of putting plenty of serving in one visit. By taking small servings, you are allowing yourself to enjoy every dish or viand served. Moreover, variety helps to break up the monotony of taste in your tongue and allow you to eat more. Having small portions of everything will help you determine the best tasting dish. With that, you can go back for it at the buffet table anytime.


Start with Soup or Salad

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While soup or salad is not the first dish you will go for, they can prepare you for the heavier meals. Science proven fact states that their high-water content allows the stomach to process succeeding meals faster. You might have noticed or heard it before that salads are great appetizers even at buffets. To avoid feeling bloated, make sure to take only a few spoons of each. The goal is to warm your stomach for the next dishes to devour and taking plenty of salad or soup can make your fuller.


Use Multiple Plates

Think of it as a strategy, use different plates to enjoy the unique taste of the dish. Optimize meal curation on your plates to prevent taking excessive servings that only go to waste. Separate your favorite sweets from the sushi you got. Conversely, use one plate for hot food and another one for cold-served dishes. Do not be shy or afraid to pile up plates on your table. Hotel buffets already expect you to use plenty of different plates which is why they are already displayed at the bottom of the bars.


Choose Your Seat Wisely

Choose Your Seat Wisely

The moment your name gets called and you walk through the door, eating starts right away. You might want to sit near the healthy and lighter section of the buffet so that once your taste buds are already satisfied, you will no longer get plenty of servings of the heavier dishes. Furthermore, sitting far from the buffet table will make you less tempted to go for three or more roundtrips. If you are at the buffet for a couple of menus in mind, make sure to stay away from other dishes. It is best that you do not have any visual contact. Another study has proven that customers facing away from the buffet are less likely to go for another ride.


Avoid Creamy or Fried Food

While the white and creamy sauce looks tempting, avoid including them in your meal. The richness and thickness of the liquid can stick to your taste buds. Instead of white sauce go for red marinara sauces. Conversely, avoid eating fried food. They can make you feel bloated immediately even after a few slices only.


Post-buffet Tea

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After devouring your favorite hotel buffet, make sure to have a post-buffet tea to prevent anyone from getting sick. A cup of green tea in between meals can help speed up your digestion. Moreover, it can burn more fat and significantly increase the body’s physical energy. Aside from having the cup of tea in between meals, you can also have it every 2 hours before or after the buffet so that they are already absorbed by the body.


Key Takeaway

Regardless of whether you are having the buffet at lunch or dinner, avoid starving yourself. While some people would always joke about not eating prior to the buffet, you must never skip meals. The most suitable way to warm up your stomach is to sip on a cup of green tea, munch on salad, or drink soup. Expect that the best hotel buffet in Alabang can provide you with the best cuisine.