How to Throw a Wine-themed Bachelorette Party

Champagne with glasses in girls hands at hen party outdoor.

What are the steps in throwing a wine-themed bachelorette party?

  1. Choose the Location
  2. Choose Your Wine
  3. Prepare a Grazing Table
  4. DIY Wine Glasses
  5. Prepare Some Games
  6. Get a Cake
  7. Decorate the Place
  8. Incorporate a Themed Attire


Gather with all the closest friends and relatives of the bride-to-be to help in the bachelorette party planning. The more people involved in the planning, the more ideas to create the best bridal shower. From carefully choosing the location, finding the right cake, to decorating the venue. Here is a step-by-step process of planning a wine-themed bachelorette party.


Choose the Location

There are plenty of locations conducive to a bachelorette party. On top of the list are hotels. Throwing a bachelorette party at a hotel brings a wealth of benefits. Especially with the chance to be intoxicated in wine without having to worry about safety. In addition to that, you may acquire discounts and promos for celebrating the bride-to-be. When choosing a hotel suite, you must ensure that everyone will have space for their personal belongings and a comfortable bed to sleep on.


Choose Your Wine

Glass and bottle with delicious red wine on table against wooden background

While a sparkling Rosé or any sparkling wine makes a great companion for mid-afternoon or early in the evening bridal shower. The bubbles and sweetness of the sparkling wine are deemed a perfect celebratory wine choice. Asti Martini Rosé and Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut are some of the best brands of wine beverages to serve. Aside from sparkling wine and champagne, red and white wine also presents an ideal drink to toast for the bride-to-be. Light-bodied white wine is a crisp and refreshing drink to balance the reds and Rosés. To spice things up a little bit, you can go for a wine cocktail such as Mimosas and Sangrias for an explosion of flavors. Use the favorite citrusy fruit of the bride-to-be as the spirit mixer.


Setup a Grazing Table

Make a list of all the finger food you wish to serve to everyone joining the bachelorette party. Cheese and charcuterie are some of the most common bites served on grazing tables. The grazing table must always match the bites included in the table. The best charcuterie platter consists of cured, honeyed, or smoked bacon, ham, and salami. Sun-dried tomatoes and buttered veggies compliment the meat well. Chocolates, crackers, fruits, nuts are also great fillers and snacks on the side. Be creative when setting up the grazing table. Incorporate the favorite colors, objects, and decorations of the bride-to-be.


DIY Wine Glasses

DIY Wine Glasses

Make the wine glasses unique and charming with glitter, ribbons, and letterings. There are plenty of glass decors that have soft adhesives which means you can remove them anytime you wish to. The initials of the bride tribe members is another cute idea for a little personalization. If you want to go extra, you can dress up the wine glass with a white wedding dress and the other glasses with bridesmaid and maid of honor gowns. A pink bride straw is another way to improve the aesthetics of the white, minimal prints.


Prepare Some Games

Bachelorette parties are where new and old friends finally meet for the first time. With that, expect a little awkwardness at the beginning of the party. With games like The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt, how well do you know The Bachelorette, Jenga, and “Drink If”? The Bachelorette scavenger hunt is played by the soon-to-be bride. Challenges are listed from downing a shot to dancing. The game of “drink if” is played by everyone. It is like the game of “never have I ever”, except you take a shot if the question applies to you. Play games together with the rest of the bride tribe as the bride-to-be is busy unwrapping her gifts.


Get a Cake

Get a Cake

The party is not complete without a bridal shower cake. Depending on the design, theme of the hotel suite or the bride-to-be’s favorite color. Surely, you will never run out of choices. Make sure to choose the cake that will match the wine served. You may display the cake on the grazing table together with the sweets, candies, and chocolates. If the soon-to-be bride dislikes cakes, you can replace them with cupcakes or macarons.


Decorate the Place

Using large lettering balloons, flags, and metallic fringe wall curtains are the most common decorations for bridal showers. For extra decoration, create a bridal shower photo booth frame where the members of the bride tribe can take nice pictures with. Make sure to decorate the bare walls if the suite. More importantly, do not forget to design a fabulous backdrop where the bride-to-be and the maid of honor.


Incorporate a Themed Attire

Friends celebrating bachelorette party in a nightclub

From robes, swimwear, or cocktail dresses, be specific with the attire you want the bride tribe to arrive in fabulous and matching attire. Accessories such as headbands, shades, wristbands, eye masks, bracelet parties, and even slippers. By providing matching outfits in different colors, it makes the entire bridal shower look pleasing.


Key Takeaway

There are only quite a few things to consider in bachelorette party planning. Surprise the bride-to-be with a cake that says puns or inside jokes. Let her feel special even before her big day by throwing a bachelorette party at a hotel. Pack swimwear, robes, and headbands with the words “bride tribe” and “bride-to-be”