4 Trendy Wedding Themes in 2020

What are the trendy wedding themes of 2020?

  1. Roaring 20s Wedding Theme
  2. The Late 40s Rock and Roll Wedding Theme
  3. Hippie 60s Wedding Theme
  4. The 70s Bohemian Wedding Theme


Everyone wants their wedding to be unlike everyone else’s. With that, planning your wedding in the Philippines ahead of time will allow you to create the best wedding setup at the hotel reception venue. Take a look at these trendy wedding themes that take inspiration from the 20s, 40s, 60s, and 70s. From a rock and roll theme to bohemian and hippie-inspired decorations, you will surely fall in love with the idea of taking a certain era as the theme of your wedding.


Roaring 20s Wedding Theme

woman in twenties years clothes with cup of coffee

The roaring twenties is the decade of the 1920s in the western part of the world. In France, the decade was referred to as “Années Folles” or crazy years which emphasizes the dynamic society, art, and culture. Fashion and style during the 20s were all about rebellion and over-the-top parties. Decorate at the reception venue with feathers and metallic accents to recreate the glamorous Great Gatsby set.

For the bride’s wedding dress, take inspiration from Coco Chanel’s avant-garde lacey designs that feature a mixture of comfort and elegance. Silk and tulle take a classic modern silhouette that exudes fashion during the 20s. The groom may take inspiration from the movie Chicago or take a couple of fashion details from famous American gangster and businessman Al Capone. Dance to ragtime jazz with Charleston and foxtrot moves or have fun to hit music in the 20s, “Ain’t Misbehavin’” by Fats Waller.


The Late 40s Rock and Roll Wedding Theme

For reception venue decorations, take inspiration from the 1942 film “Casablanca” or be more creative with the set by making use of metallic gold, florals, and vintage embroidered table cloths. Include tinsels and teacups as table decorations. Incorporate 1940s popular shades of navy blue, brown, cream, beige, and Kelley Green into your wedding color palette. Keep the entire reception retro-looking or filled with flowers. Tie simple ribbons taking popular colors into consideration.

For couples who plan to have a wedding inspired by the 40s era, take inspiration from Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe’s weddings. The brides may wear full-length lace gowns and short veils with a frilly scoop neck. Other fashion details can be taken from the royal family’s dressmaker Hartnell, including a sweetheart neckline, tucked-in waist and pointed long sleeves. For the groom, take the double-breasted style of coat into consideration more than suspenders. Take the darkest shade for the coat to stand out among the crowd. Request all guests to take outfit inspiration from the popular fashion aesthetics during the 40s.


Hippie 60s Wedding Theme

Smiling girl model in casual summer clothes, showing her tongue

For couples who are hippies at heart and soul, decorate the reception venue with the details of Art Nouveau and incorporate a retro or psychedelic color combination of green, gold, orange, and yellow. Tone down the colors by sticking with at least two or three to show the psychedelic effect. Decorated with plenty of crochet, dream catchers, and other iconic objects from the 60s. Let your guests’ slow dance to popular romantic music during the 60s to complete the

Haute Couture began in the early 40s and went through many changes as the mood shifted in the 60s. For the bride, take the fashion guidance of iconic Mary Quant. With full-skirted dress, cathedral veil, low décolletage with sheering to cover the torso, and close-fitting waists. The groom may use vintage 60s style waistcoats, braces or suspenders.


The 70s Bohemian Wedding Theme

Bohemian or boho was popular during the 70s. Release your inner prairie heart with ditsy floral decorations. Rent a vintage Chevy van or a classic Volkswagen van as a bridal and getaway car. For the color scheme and style, there are so many popular palettes to choose from. Decorate the entire hotel reception venue with vintage vinyl records and Polaroid cameras as centerpieces.

To align with the theme, the bride must wear any wedding gown with either bell sleeves, high neck, layers of sheering, or crocheted lace. The groom may wear a coat with a little lace action or stick with the traditional coat in bright to muted colors of brown, royal blue, and green. Let the guests wear their quirkiest dresses and bring their own flower crowns or vintage knitted bucket hat to relive the bohemian spirit during the 70s. Dance the night away to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” or Bee Gees’ hit song “Stayin’ Alive”.


Key Takeaway

Breakaway from the traditional themes used in weddings in the Philippines. Take hotel reception venues into consideration. Regardless if you wish to have mats on the floor to relive the bohemian or hippie environment, the spaces the venue provides should be enough to materialize the decoration you have in mind.

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