The Coop: Whipping Up Delicious Meals for a Cause

Vivere Hotel's The Coop, A Fundraising Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in many changes that people are having a hard time adapting to. Due to the imposed lockdown, people have had to limit their movement towards purchasing items only meant for essential consumption. Also affected by the lockdown are many establishments, like restaurants and hotels, such as the Vivere Hotel in Alabang. To aid colleagues affected by the pandemic, the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant is now offering delicious meals for a cause.

Vivere Hotel’s in-house restaurant, The Nest, has set up a project that aims to support its displaced employees. Business has slowed down around this time because of the diminishing number of customers availing of the food options in the hotel’s most popular dining spot.

Due to the limited stream of income, a food pick-up and food delivery service has been established by the hotel’s dedicated chefs. The project is known as The Coop. Through this fundraising service, people from outside the hotel would be able to have food picked up or delivered to their doorstep. Continue reading to learn more about how The Coop achieves this.


All Proceeds Go To Displaced Employees



One of the most distinguishing features of this fundraising program is that all of the proceeds from the delivery and pickup services will go directly towards the employees. It’s not often that you come across a fundraising scheme that does the same. It’s also not that difficult to imagine that far too often, fundraising projects only shell out a significant percentage of the money raised for the cause they’re supporting. This is why The Coop is a breath of fresh air.

As mentioned before, the lockdown has inevitably forced many employees to stop reporting to work. The Coop would be able to ease the financial burden off the employees’ shoulders. The employees would now be able to have more with regards to taking care of their family.

Around this time, families are spending a lot of money on basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and the like. While this alternative may not have the same effect compared to their previous working arrangement, it nonetheless will help them keep afloat especially in such an unpredictable time.


Available Food For Pickup Or Delivery Options



Another great thing about The Coop initiative is that people from outside the hotel would be able to order delicious, fresh, and home-cooked meals that are made with love. You don’t necessarily have to be a customer of The Nest to finally try out the food from its renowned chefs.

Keeping this in mind, people who want to help this cause may order items by calling the project’s Viber number at 09178043257. The project accepts payment methods done through GCash or Union Bank, giving you many easy and accessible options to have the food delivered to your door.

There is also an introductory promo available for different menu items from The Coop. In particular, the delivery fee would be waived for institutions or offices who are having food delivered within Alabang, provided there is a minimum order of Php 800. The Coop accepts orders on their Rice Bowls from 8 AM to 10 AM, with the delivery being conducted from 11 AM to 1 PM. Platters and breads will be delivered the next day from 11 AM to 1 PM, or 4 PM to 6 PM.

Do you live in Ayala Alabang, Alabang Hills, Tierra Nueva, Pacific, or San Jose? Then you can get a fixed delivery fee of Php 100 with a minimum order of Php 800.

People who may want to pick up food for themselves can collect their orders straight from the Residential counter of the Vivere Hotel lobby. They may also simply call the hotel’s front desk if they prefer paying for delivery from their private vehicles. Solo Rice Bowls will be ready for pick up within an hour, while the Family Platters and Breads will be ready for pick up the next day from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Wide Selection of Menu Items



Of course, no food fundraising project would be complete without some delicious meals to go with it. The Coop not only promises to help the employees, but it also guarantees the customer with delicious and filling meals for an undoubtedly good cause.

Talented chefs from The Nest are cooking up home-cooked meals like palabok, crispy binagoongan, arroz con pollo, and pancit guisado. People can avail of either the Regular (5-7 persons) or Large-sized (12-14 persons) portions of these two dishes at reasonable prices.

For those who prefer rice meals for one, they can choose from a variety of Solo Rice Bowls. Try the gambas con setas, battered fish fillet, hainanese chicken, adobong baboy, beef salpicao, and more – with each costing only Php 170.

Of course, you can also have The Coop’s freshly-baked selection of breads in your own home. Try out their soft pandesal, sesame French bread, and rustic Italian loaf.


Key Takeaway

There is no better way for you to support the employees from Vivere Hotel’s in-house restaurant than by buying their delicious meals for a cause. 100% of the funds raised through The Coop will go towards the in-house restaurant’s employees who may be struggling during this time.

Any purchase of their delicious meals will go a long way in supporting these hardworking employees who are looking to get back on their feet during this period.

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