Best Staycation in Alabang: Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to having a wonderful little getaway, this article serves as your best guide to help you navigate through everything concerning having a successful staycation in Alabang!

A staycation is basically a combination of the two words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation;’ which pertains to a period in which an individual, group, or family stay either at home or at a close-to-home drivable location. They could also take part in various leisure activities of their choice that do not necessarily call for overnight accommodations.

Many common staycation ideas include: swimming or taking a dip in a pool, visits to local parks, trips to nearby museums, attending various local festivals, spending a weekend checked-in at a hotel, visiting amusement parks, etc. There are also quite a number of staycationers that establish their own set of rules, such as setting up start and end dates, planning the itinerary ahead of time, letting go of routines, with the idea of reproducing the experience of a traditional vacation.

Due to the rapid spread of popularity, this idea and approach to getting creative and practical with vacationing have led to people from all over the world to embark on their own simple getaways, even those in Metro Manila are starting to more and more participate in having staycations in Alabang hotels.


Benefits of Having a Staycation

staycation alabang

First and foremost, having a staycation in Alabang definitely costs far less than a vacation that involves long-distance traveling. Lodging costs would obviously vary, but travel expenses are always minimal. Your main costs pretty much just gravitate towards dining and local attractions.

Having a staycation in Alabang would also save you from all the typical stressors that come with traveling. These things could include jet lag, packing, long waits, etc. But besides these two main points, there are many more advantages that come with having a staycation. Let’s explore some of the major pros of planning a staycation in Alabang:


Less Expensive

Unless you actually plan to head out on a lavish spree of dancing, dining, and various other costly activities in the many different establishments that your city has to offer, you will definitely be saving a substantial amount of money from a simple but successful staycation in Alabang.

However, it is also wise to remember to not get so flippant, because it is very much easy to keep spending your cash away without you really being fully aware. Needless to say, having a strict budget is just as important for a staycation as with any other type of vacation getaways.


Less Travel Funding and Fuel Usage

It is a definite fact that air travel is the most expensive means of transportation, having a staycation completely etches out the incredibly high costs of airfare. The same thought applies even to cruise ships. By having a creatively thought-out staycation, you open yourself up to appreciating the beauty of your direct surroundings.

Whether you are traveling by train, by car, by bus, or by simply cycling your way around the town, staycations provide countless opportunities for you and your family to take a step back and really explore your own backyard and all its locales that you might not even be aware of.


Less Waste and Consumption

People have a certain tendency to alter their habits when going on vacation. There are many people who create more waste as opposed to recycling, mainly because they are not dealing with the bins or trash receptacles that they are used to at home. It is also possible that these people begin to adopt a completely different attitude of not having to worry about the inherent responsibilities that come with your own waste management.

But if you are on a humble staycation, you are keen and have a primary sense of obligation for disposing of trash since your hometown pride and eco-friendly habits will definitely not get altered—because, in essence, you are home.


Encouraging an Interest in the Local Tourism

Going on staycations is undoubtedly an act of giving back to your community in many meaningful ways. By staying at home, you’ll acquire a finer and more nuanced love and appreciation for your local environment.

You are undeniably opening up a vast array of opportunities for you and your family to rediscover and revitalize your sense of adventure for places, sceneries, people, and activities in your area that you have yet to experience. It is always exciting to simply take time off to visit some of your local parks and go for a long and contemplative walk to just indulge in that present moment.


Reduced Travel Time

As it has been previously mentioned in the context of budgetary costs, traveling somewhere via airline will not only cost significantly more, it will also require long and extensive hours for travel time. It’s not enough to say that the travel time while onboard is a lot, you also have to a set number of hours prior to boarding the plane so that you are on time for departure.

Depending on your area and the accumulative distances of the spots for your staycation, it is most likely that you are only to conveniently spend about at least an hour on so when on the road. A staycation in Alabang is such a great option because all the major landmarks are literally a few minutes away and commuting is also a breeze.


Spending Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

One of the most alluring and heartfelt benefits of having a staycation is that you get to further bond with the people closest to you. If ever you live close to your parents and felt as though you are not spending enough time with them, having a staycation is the perfect and most ideal time to momentarily escape from your everyday duties and responsibilities to focus on the more important aspects of life.

If yoWhether you are planning on further rekindling your bond with your parents or building a stronger and more intimate relationship with your kids, a simple staycation holiday opens up many avenues and different activities for setting aside time and cherishing precious moments with the people who mean the most to you.


Home is Nearby

It’s a guaranteed fact that we all have commitments at home. Whether it’s your children, elder family members, or even home animals, there are many errands and responsibilities that you have to make sure you are always on top of.

It’s true that we need a nice little getaway to relax, unwind, and recharge in order to be fully-ready and capable to take on our day-to-day challenges. But with the fantastic option of having a staycation in Alabang, you are now able to get the break that you deserve without having to deal with all the stress that comes with worrying about your home responsibilities, because they are always going to be within reach.


Planning for Your Perfect Hotel Staycation

Planning a staycation in Alabang or anywhere else in the Manila area may be simple and relatively easy to just jump in to, but a good and successful staycation is something that still needs great planning and mapping out. Just like with any awesome adventure, you have to ensure that you create at least a rough guide or sketch on your itinerary and a good grasp of your budgetary concerns.

Let’s take a look some of the critical guiding marks for planning out and actually enjoying an incredibly memorable staycation in Alabang:


Being a Hometown Tourist

First and foremost, the initial and obvious activity choice for any staycation is to check out all the hometown museums and other popular hotspots. Part of the fun that comes with a hometown staycation is that you are able to incite the same exhilarating feelings of being a tourist by taking new and refreshed looks at your immediate culture and surroundings.


Letting Go of Your Work Email and Phone

Of course, this point is relative in terms of importance and responsibilities. But with our current Millennial mindsets of being always connected to the digital world, it is often overlooked that the stresses of our day-to-day lives are deeply rooted in our over attachment to these gadgets and electronic devices. If you want to make your staycation an absolutely fun and memorable one, you have to make sure to limit or completely eradicate the time in which you are glaring at a glowing screen.


Taking Tons of Photos

When traveling abroad, we often take many pictures as possible because it’s simply fun and exhilarating to create memories by capturing moments. But why can’t we do the same for when we are at home or on a simple staycation?

By having that same joy and enthusiasm for taking nice pictures abroad, and applying them for when you are on your staycation, you’ll find that those quaint pictures of you and your family in your hometown are going to speak volumes about the time and place, and will definitely be cherished captured moments in the future.


Treating Yourself

Although it has been reiterated throughout this article that you should exercise a frugal demeanor to your budget, it is still important to remember that you should splurge a little bit. You may use this wonderful staycation opportunity to feel good and enjoy yourself to your heart’s desire.


Swimming Pools, Water Parks, and Beach Access

When selecting a hotel for your staycation in Alabang, one of the best things to put into consideration is the availability of pools, beaches, or water recreational facilities.

The simple reason behind this is that splashing, jumping, and sliding around in water is a great stress-reliever and without a doubt, fun for people of all ages.


Playgrounds and Playrooms

If you are traveling with kids, a great thing to look out for is a playroom or playground within where you are staying for the duration of your staycation. Not only will the kids be able to run wild and have an absolute blast, you’ll also be ridding yourself of all the stresses that tend to come with having to constantly attend to your children and keeping them entertained.


Breathtaking Views

Checking in and booking a hotel room for your staycation is not simply just about sleeping in a luxurious room, having fun, and taking a temporary break from work and other responsibilities. You should always put into account if the room that you are going to have has a nice view. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? Taking time to reflect and garner a new loving sense of appreciation for your environment and its glory?


Essentials to Bring

If you haven’t caught on from the sentiments of the previous points, it’s a mistake to think that staycations are completely free of all responsibility. Once you have finally booked your ideal hotel room, it’s time to pack for your staycation.


Whether you are with friends or your entire family, here are some of the basic necessities that you should pack for your excellent staycation:

  • Snacks
  • Gadgets and chargers
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Basic make-up kit and lotions
  • Swimwear


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